Friday, September 4, 2015

Wiring the Motor Bay

Spent the day routing wires and organizing the split loom to keep things neat and organized. Started by wiring the power steering pump and aggregating with the cooling pump wiring for a single loom into the circuit box.

After cutting the high voltage cable to size, I crimped on the lugs and installed the contactor module. 

The GEVCU is mounted to the rear of the inverter and excess cable is coiled on the coupler housing below it. Other wiring is tagged and ready to be connected to the GEVCU harness.

The charge controller is mounted to the front of the inverter and all connected to the charger.

The fan wiring is consolidated with the charger and throttle wiring, then routed to the back of the inverter where it will be fed with all the other connections into the circuit box.

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