Monday, September 7, 2015

Circuit Box

Three very long days in my 90+ degree garage have put the project ever closer to it's first test drive. 

That tangle of wiring at the back of the inverter is finished save for one wire to the reverse switch. 

It looks like total chaos, but there is a method to the madness. The relays (clockwise from the upper left) control the 12 volt switched ignition, power steering pump, heat exchanger fan, and charger. Almost invisible above the charger relay is a dual power diode that enables what I hope is a clever way of automating the charge process. I can't test that until the rear wiring is done (tomorrow, if all goes well), but in theory, it's very cunning. I have been able to test the power brake vacuum pump, power steering pump, and coolant pumps, and all are spot on! I do plan to put a cover on the circuit box so it looks neat and tidy.

The vacuum pump has its own relay and wiring jumble. Yesterday I solved the mystery of how and where to hook up the vacuum lines to get the air conditioning flap to operate. Once it did, it moved an impressive amount of air, and will need to be somehow integrated with the aftermarket AC compressor. That's for another day.
The 12 volt battery feeds an eighty amp breaker that serves all the EV circuitry and provides a single shut-off point. The 50 amp fuse on the left protects the power steering pump. With the battery pack cabling ahead tomorrow, along with the remainder of the charging support, we are closing in on a first test drive. Keep checking in ...

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