Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Berthing Arrangements

Now that the new Leaf has come home, it was pretty clear the time had come to rearrange the garage for best utilization. The Porsche EV project is nearing the phase-out stage where it doesn't need a full side of the garage any more. A threatening weather forecast with the possibility of two inch hail pushed the garage to the top of the priority list.

There had to be a way to get all three EVs in this one space and I tried more than a few things that were either unworkable or marginally dangerous until this bit of out-of-box thinking struck. What says the cars must park straight? If the evTD is angled into the nook at the front of the garage, the Porsche and Leaf can be slightly splayed to the outside and Voila! Room to spare!

Of course there needed to be some serious rearranging of the crud that tends to accumulate in a garage just so you can do things like open the door after you park. After three EV conversion projects there are scraps and odds and ends that need to be either stored away or pitched, likewise with a twenty year accumulation of Flute teaching material (mostly untouched for the last ten years) and antique computer projects. That's on the todo list for another day, but right now I'm pleased to see the three safely under cover.

All three are within easy reach of the charging station and there's walk space in between the cars, so I can get to the workbench and outside trash bins without rearranging the fleet. This has me thinking of fresh paint and garage decorations, maybe even that cool flecked epoxy floor finish. So when the day comes to sell the homestead, we can legitimately advertise the three car garage.