Thursday, September 3, 2015

Meanwhile ...

Robert has been painting up a storm. These all look great, and I'm afraid the rest of the car will need the same treatment down the road a bit.

Robert mentioned that I really should get the headlight covers painted as well so they match. He's right, of course, so I pulled them off the car and took them over. The car will look fantastic!

Robert also finished out the top cover for the coupler housing, so I picked that up and spent nearly all morning installing it. It's in a very awkward place with no room to swing a wrench, so four bolts took way too long. It had to be done now because the GEVCU will be  mounted over it and it will be even more obscured with all the cabling that goes along.

The afternoon was spent on an equally fussy project, fabricating and installing the charge port. Again, working in the hatch behind the former gas filler is an exercise in contortion, but the payoff is a really pretty piece of bling.

Along with those two major projects, I finished installing the GEVCU and Charge Controller now that the paint has dried on the mount box, and started gathering the under hood wiring into split looms for connection to the GEVCU harness in the circuit box.  

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