Thursday, September 17, 2015


No pictures - not a lot to say. The Porsche won't be ready to take to EVCCON this year. The replacement contactor and precharge resistor/relay arrived late Tuesday. Spent all day Wednesday crafting a new mount for them in place of the arc-welded ones. That was all fine.

Also fine was the charger: it started up exactly as I had planned and loaded in 35 amp hours of energy, then terminated exactly as it was supposed to. The charge controller seems to be losing its configuration parameters when powered off, but otherwise ok.

I did notice that the 12 volt battery was dropping in voltage even though the DC/DC converter seemed to be running - at least the fan was spinning. When I plugged the laptop in to the controller, nothing, nada, pushing up daisies, pining for the fjords. You get it, casters up. I know it was working when installed, don't have an explanation for this one, but wasted the better part of today trying to get it to wake up.

So it's an extended game of Whack-A-Mole, and I only have one day left to get it rolling on its own power. With some regret, I decided to cancel the truck and trailer rental and go to EVCCON as a civilian this year. I will enjoy hanging out with my EV pals, and have a much better sorted vehicle to take next year.

Even so, it's a bummer ...

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