Friday, August 28, 2015

Perfect Spot Redux

Remember that perfect spot I found for the high voltage fuses a couple of days ago? It had a couple of threaded openings in the strut mount, easy access and clearly designed for the fuses, right?

Well, turns out it was also the perfect spot to mount the throttle. It was right in line with the accelerator cable and just the right distance away. It allowed a gentle angle for the cable and once in place, very good feel for the pedal.

I'm once again using the Evnetics Throttle Pot. I used it on the eBugeye and the evTD. It has been bulletproof and easy to set up using the existing pedal and cable. Unfortunately, Evnetics has moved on to other markets, so this may be my last one.

Working around the aluminum mounting plate, I snagged a finger on the sharp edge (ouch) so I added some door edge guard strips to make it "finger safe". Makes the whole installation look pretty neat.

So what to do with the fuse mount that got displaced? Found another perfect spot for it with another threaded opening, this time on the frame rail. I had to employ the "wire stretcher" since the new mounting point is a bit father away from the firewall. It looks like it was designed for the spot as well with the added bonus that it's within easy reach of the charger cable. The other fuse will attach to the air conditioner positive cable. I used fairly stiff 6 gauge wires to span the distance to the battery pack under the hatch and the high voltage wires from the charger and A/C compressor appear to be 10 gauge, so once again, overkill is always appropriate.

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