Monday, August 10, 2015

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Things are getting to their final place and it's looking like I'll be able to take over and move on to the wiring stage real soon now! The motor/inverter/charger assembly is in and seriously looks like it belongs.

The Power Steering Pump, Coolant Pumps, and Charger are all in view on the passenger side of the motor bay. The Air Conditioning Compressor and Brake Master Cylinder and Booster take up most of the space on the driver side. 
From the front it almost looks like the cam cover of a gas engine. 

The battery box is finished with its shiny aluminum skin all caulked and water tight, ready to have the battery packs mounted.

The DC/DC converter will be mounted between the battery box and the rear seat back. The cooling fan is virtually silent, so it shouldn't be an annoyance. The charging control circuit box will mount on the passenger side of the upper battery platform, and the precharge and motor contractor assembly on the driver side. Last pieces to be done before it returns to my garage are the A/C condenser and heat exchanger (radiator) mounts and the power steering hoses. The finish and paint on the front bodywork will continue while I do the wiring, and final reassembly will be completed after it's basically roadworthy. 

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