Monday, July 13, 2015


Robert stripped the accessories from the motor and wheeled it to the machine shop next door for final fitting of the coupler. The coupler will go in the oven and get heated to 300 degrees or so to expand and fit over the shaft and splines. As it cools it will contract and make a solid connection. That's supposed to happen this week.

In the mean time Robert has been busy with body work. The front fenders and nose have been bead blasted, filled, and given a coat of epoxy primer.

The parts have been trial fit to check for proper alignment and gaps. There's one gap that will need to be filled and the passenger side headlamp unit needs to be finessed just a bit, but overall a very satisfactory test fit.

The hood has also been blasted and a number of hail dings worked out. It's in the paint booth after getting its coat of primer. Robert feels like the rest of the body will buff out nicely. There are a couple of small hail dings remaining on the roof that should be fixable by one of the "paintless dent removal" shops after everything else is done. The last body piece that remains is the valance that goes below the bumper. Based on my searches, these things are usually in sorry condition from parking curbs and road debris. The one that was on my Porsche is pretty beat up, so the next step is to find one that's a bit less so.

Nice to see things start to come together.

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