Friday, July 17, 2015

Coupler Attached

I visited Pro Automotive to drop off a battery bank I'd reconfigured (more on that later) and found that Dave the Machinist had finished mounting the coupler to the motor. I had really wanted to get some video of the process, but apparently Dave did this after hours when he could avoid interruptions and distractions. Bob says Dave can remachine a Chevy head in his sleep, but this was enough different that he wanted to concentrate. And a beautiful job it is! it has been balanced and checked for run-out (wobble) - less than a thousandth of an inch I'm told. Should be a smooth spin.

Robert plans to bring his A-Frame engine hoist from home to get better control of the motor placement to fabricate the additional cross members and get the alignment perfect before building the adapter housing.

In the meantime, he's made templates of the battery box to make water tight liners. Doing that led to a rethinking of the battery placement, and it made a lot of sense to move the four-pack that was to have been mounted vertically behind the transaxle up next to the other in the center. This will make for a cleaner battery installation while making the wiring much simpler. Seat of the pants engineering at its finest.

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