Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Palm to Forehead Part Deux

Before anyone calls me on this, I goofed. Again. With malice aforethought. Dumbth knows no bounds.

This was the way I pictured the Pierburg pumps from the last post:

Ever heard it said that "if it looks right, it probably is right"? Well this looked right to me, so when Keith asked if it was a good idea to push coolant under pressure into the catch tank, I glibly said no, the outlet of the pump was the nozzle sticking straight out from the center. Well, a seed of doubt grew into a stately tree of trouble, fertilized by a little Googling on centrifugal pumps. 

I should have known Keith was right - the inlet sucks coolant in the center of the impeller where it gets spun around and forced out the discharge on the side. So this would have to change.

There is limited space available, so reconfiguring the mount plate to stagger the tanks and pumps was not an option. The pumps are supposed to be installed as shown on their sides, so rotating them into a vertical position was also not a good idea.

Robert to the rescue:

A simple 90 degree elbow will get the coolant flowing in the right direction and solves the clearance issue with the inlet hose. 

The output has been rotated so it clears the area as well.

Notice the very clever use of a muffler clamp to secure the pump to the plate. 

A project like this is an exercise in serial engineering problem solving. It's just great having professionals like Robert and Keith on the job. 

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  1. Enjoying the progress, even the minor steps backward. Wish I could click Like on every update!