Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Quick Update

Quick update here: things should pick up now that Robert can focus on the Porsche EV project a bit more. He and Keith picked up the motor and a battery pack from my place, and the battery box is getting more populated.

Two banks of 16 modules flank the transaxle with a bank of four behind. Another four pack will be installed above the axle and two more four packs will go where you see the black carpet against the rear seat back. That puts all the batteries in close proximity in the rear and frees up space under the hood while preserving the rear seat. All good. That puts about 400 pounds over the rear axle. While the rear has settled, it doesn't appear to have lost too much in ride height.

Note also the maintenance disconnect with the green handle. It is positioned to split the pack as it did in the Better Place arrangement. It also contains the traction pack fuse. Finally, I've installed the plastic protective covers over the terminals to prevent a repeat of the welded chain incident.

Next step is to have the machine work done on the motor coupler so the motor can be installed. More to come ...

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